Years Experience



So often clients ask me about my story. How I got into Makeup Artistry and my experiences. Everyone has a story to tell no matter how big or small, no matter how good or bad, but these are the experiences that shape us into the people we are today.

Ever since being a little girl, like most, I loved playing with makeup and hair. But then again, a lot of little girls did exactly the same too. I was influenced heavily by the makeup that my favourite Hindi film industry stars wore and I subjected my mother to many hours of styling hair where she’d inevitably end up with high ponytails which I used to find particularly humorous.

Originally hailing from India, I have lived and worked for over 10 years in Manchester, London and Sydney.

I am licensed as a professional makeup artist from Doncaster College, UK.

I offer over 10 years of makeup artistry experience through training and education where I have learned proper application and technique.

I am always evolving in my craft and continue to excel in my field by achieving new thoughts and ideas through continued education, mentors and peers.

My passion is fuelled by my desire to help a woman’s inner beauty shine on the outside. Throughout my career, I am rewarded by the confidence a woman exudes after her makeover. My eyes light up still today when I transform someone.

There is a sexy glamorous woman inside of us all … I want YOU to ‘dare to indulge.’