Top Engagement Makeup Looks that'll Steal the Show in 2023!

Top Engagement Makeup Looks that'll Steal the Show in 2023!

The question has been popped, you have said Yes, and a new story is ready to be written. Congratulations, you're engaged! But now it's time to involve all the parties and throw a bash that begins your journey of love- An engagement ceremony. Apart from planning the wedding, you might be considering hiring a well-known photographer, who would capture stellar images that will be remembered for ages to come. And for that experience to go flawlessly, you need to reserve a stunning engagement makeup look to seal the deal. 

The engagement ceremony is a special occasion for every Indian bride-to-be, as it marks the commencement of her voyage toward wedded bliss. As we step into 2023, new makeup fads and techniques are taking the bridal market by storm, offering a plethora of options for Indian brides to experiment and play around with. In this blog, we will discuss and decode some of the coolest Indian engagement makeup looks that will keep the spotlight over you, leaving you looking radiant and ravishing on your special day.

Makeup Look For Engagement (Outfit-Based)

An engagement ceremony is the first place where all the families get together and begin their journey to becoming a union. Your first impression is made by the outfit you choose to wear whilst complimenting your makeup look for engagement. Selecting the ideal makeup look is crucial to look your best for those candid photos. Let's discuss some of the popular engagement makeup looks based on your outfits. 

Dolled-Up Saree Look

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An engagement makeup look in a saree can be a real winner on your special day if you make the right choices. Many brides-to-be tend to wear their regional sarees or go up a notch for something shiny or sequinned to stand out from the crowd. Some popular makeup looks you can try are-

  1. Rosy Glow- Use rose cream blush, paired with rose gold eyeshadow, and complete the look with plum or magenta pink lipstick. 
  2. Nude Look- Nude makeup with smokey or accentuated eyes along with a dewy base plus brown lips make for a regal yet sophisticated look.
  3. Mauve Mood- Mauve is an extremely flattering color palette on the Indian skin tone. A matte mauve lips, with creamy mauve blush, and shimmer + satin mauve eyeshadow will create the perfect flushed lavender look. 

Glamorous Lehenga Look

Image Courtesy: Pexels

If you have selected to wear a lehenga on your engagement day, a makeup look that matches your attire is a crucial requirement. Select a combination consisting of a seamless blend of bold plus soft elements to curate the striking balance. The primary focus should be on defining your eyes using shimmery or bold eyeliners, along with a prompt influence of eyeshadows in bronze, gold, or champagne tones. Complete the look with a subtle peachy or rosy blush along with a dusty rose or nude pink lip color to achieve a glamorous look.

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Radiant Salwar Kameez Look

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Some cultures like Punjabis and Sindhis wear stunning salwar kurtis on their special day. Hence, choose a makeup look that exudes elegance and charm. Focus on enhancing the eyes with a smoky effect playing on the color palette like gold, bronze, or copper. Complete the looking using a bold red or deep maroon lip color to enhance the overall traditional appeal. This look complements various Indian outfits, including suits, or Anarkalis, and adds a touch of royalty to your appearance.

Trending Makeup Looks For Engagement

Selecting a range of captivating engagement makeup looks can be a daunting task. Given the bombarding of stress, a bride goes through during her wedding, we need to make our life choices a little easier. Let us help you out by listing some of the popular looks that are all the rage in 2023.

The Timeless Minimalistic Look

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This is the perfect choice for brides who want a simple makeup look for the engagement day. A classic and understated makeup look, this direction is best suited for the no-fuss bride. The key focus of this look is to enhance your natural features while providing a fresh and radiant appearance. Start by using a lightweight foundation, skin tint, or BB cream to create a base. Add a dash of peachy blush for a subtle warm look. Then accentuate your eyes with earthy tones, soft neutral palettes, and a boost of voluminous mascara. Finish this look using a dusty rose or coco nude lip color to give it an elegant finish.

Ethereal Natural Look 

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Any bride who chooses a natural makeup look for engagement for her special day wants to feel romantic and dreamy. It's the perfect look for any bride who doesn't want an overpowering look for her special day. A natural makeup look is all about enhancing your features and creating a soft, glowing appearance. Prep your skin using a hydrating primer, a tinted moisturizer, or a BB Cream. 

Focus on enriching your eyes with a muted neutral eyeshadow and a slender string of eyeliner. Using a natural-looking mascara defines your lashes by not making them appear too melodramatic. Enhance your natural lip color with a transparent lip gloss or any brown nude lipstick. It is perfect for brides who want to embrace their natural beauty and radiate a soft and ethereal charm.

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Fresh & Romantic

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This makeup look for your engagement ceremony will work on emphasizing your natural beauty while adding a soft glowy romantic touch. To even out your skin tone, begin with a weightless foundation or BB cream. On your lids, apply muted, pastel eyeshadows like pinks, peaches, or mauves, and define your eyes with a slim line of eyeliner and mascara. Complete by adding a natural flush, and use a rose blush on the cheeks. For a youthful appearance, complete the look with a lustrous or tinted lip balm. This makeup look is ideal for brides who desire a simple and natural look with subtle hints of makeup.

Golden Goddess

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The Golden Goddess makeup look reflects elegance and glamour. Begin with a bright foundation or primer to create a glowing, golden-toned base. Using dazzling gold and bronze eyeshadows, create a golden smokey eye. Line your lashes and line your eyes with black or brown eyeliner. Highlight your features with a bronzer and highlighter duo, and finish with a nude or peachy lip color. This beautiful look is ideal for brides who want to make a statement while still exuding a rich aura.

Bonus Tips

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Before you decide to choose any of the looks or styles mentioned above, check out some bonus tips that will help you the exquisite Indian engagement makeup look you want to achieve on your special day.

  1. Select every cosmetic based on your skin type i.e., oily, combination, sensitive, dry, or normal.
  2. Always, always, always, remember to use a primer to set the flawless base for your makeup.
  3. Don't forget to blend your eyeshadow perfectly using professional makeup brushes to curate a seamless look.
  4. You can use false eyelashes to enhance your eyes for a more dramatic effect.
  5. Choose a lip shade that flatters your skin and hair.
  6. Seal the look with a good quality setting spray from brands like Faces, e.l.f, or Sugar Cosmetics.

Following all these tips stepwise can help you achieve the flawless and illuminating look you have dreamed to achieve on your big day.


In 2023, Indian engagement makeup looks are embracing a variety of styles, from ethereal glows to bold smoky eyes and glamorous red lips. These trends cater to every bride's unique style and preference, allowing her to express her individuality on her special day. Whether you prefer a natural and effortless look or a bold and dramatic statement, there is an engagement makeup look that will steal the show and leave you looking breathtakingly beautiful.

Whether you desire a full-fledged traditional look, a bewitching saree look, a timeless minimal look, or an ethereally untamed style, there's a makeup style that will make you gleam on your engagement day. Take your time to choose a look that compliments your style, and accentuates your natural beauty, entitling you to feel confident and spectacular as you venture on this beautiful pilgrimage to a lifetime of love and happiness.

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